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YouTube Videos

Here are a variety of videos for professionals and laypeople to use behavior change to live their best life.

About Behavior Therapy & Coaching
CMO-S Explained
How to tell the difference between a discriminative stimulus (SD) and  motivating operation (MO)
CMO-R Explained
CMO-T Explained
Here is how to get rid of a song stuck in your head.

More Talks, Workshops and Presentations

When I was Vice President of Support Services at WCI, I did this live event for parents of adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.  It was inspired by a workshop I ran at Endicott College's annual conference in 2018.

In April 2020, I received an invitation from the Norwegian Forum for Behavior Analysis to participate in their Coronavirus Seminar.  Julie Vargus was a surprise speaker (!!), and everyone who presented is an amazing leader in the field.  I was an amazing experience and honor to be included in this event.  

My portion begins at 41:00 minutes.

Check out my turn on the Ethics Podcast Thoughtful Thursdays.  It was a great discussion and I had a blast!

I helped develop and provide this training on Strategies for a Successful ER Visit for The University of Massachusetts Medical School and the Department of Developmental Services.  More information and PDFs of slides are available here