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Individual Behavior Therapy

Are there things you wish you could do differently, or stop doing altogether?  Are trying to establish a new habit, figure out a plan for the future and want to be able to engage in behaviors that are more aligned with your personal values and goals?  Do you wonder WHY you act the way you do, even though you know it's not going to work out well for you long term?  Are you more interested in DOING than talking?  I know how you're feeling, and I've helped tons of people who are in the same place as you right now.  There is hope!

The difference between this and behavior therapy is really the behaviors we target.  With life coaching, we tend to focus on establishing healthy habits, discontinuing unhealthy habits and learning entirely new behaviors.  Both include continuous data collection and evaluation of progress.  If the data doesn't show the changes we were hoping for, we try something else.