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Paper on Ethics and Indistinguishability Published in BHAP!

I'm excited to share that a paper I've been working on for 2 years is published in Behavior Analysis in Practice. My friend and colleague, Joe Veneziano, kept me motivated through the process and had amazing insights to share. It's available online here: or, if you have access to Behavior Analysis in Practice, you can access the downloadable PDF. I've always been shocked that the vast majority of behavior analysts, both certified and in pursuit of certification, were not aware of our role in conversion therapy. It is a difficult topic, but one that must be discussed to avoid repeating mistakes, and to speak knowledgbly about it to the public. Plus, I'm always excited to talk about Goldiamond and Sidman - our history contains some essential values regarding consent and coercion. Let me know your thoughts! If they're critical, please be respectful and add to a discussion of the topic.

And, because I'm an ABA nerd to my core, here's the citation:

Veneziano, J., & Shea, S. (2022). They have a Voice; are we Listening? Behavior Analysis in Practice.

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